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Stn tail letter(s)
[First record in MA's logbook]
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  WD955 EM
[Cottesmore 1970]
 At Bodo Bodo, Norway
Very Good
Built as a B2 by English Electric at Preston in 1951, it was first issued to 101 Sqn and then served on 617, 21, 245, and 98 Squadrons.
Sent for conversion to T17 in 1964 but when did it actually join 360 Sqn? Did trials for the T17A upgrade, and fully converted.

What is story behind why/how WD955 ended up at Bodo in Norway for eventual display in their Museum?

  WH646 EG
 Midland Air Museum, Bagington, Warwickshire
Cockpit & Nose
 Built as a B2 in 1952, served with Nos 50, 10, and 45 squadrons. Loaned to 75 Sqn RNAZ and saw action in Malaya. Converted to a T17 & joined 360 Sqn in 1967; later converted to T17A
  WH665 n/a
   Last seen at BAe, Filton
some years ago

Very Poor
  Built as a B2 in 1952
  WH740 K

(at  RAF Gutersloh 1976)
    East Midlands Airport Aeropark
Complete, restored
This original B2 was delivered to 18 Sqn in August 1953 then served with 40 Sqn before being loaned to 75 Sqn RNZAF at RAF Tengah, Singapore, where it saw active service in Malaya. After service as a T17 at all 3 stations with 360 Sqn, in 1987 it became instructional airframe number 8762M for No 2 School of Technical Training at RAF Cosford. Eventually bought for display by the East Midlands Aeropark at Castle Donnington Airport, and fully restored to 360 Sqn livery.
WH863 L
[Cottesmore 1970]
Newark Air Museum
Nose section

Left: Martin A, 18-5-14
( 8 sorties logged, 1969-1970
10 sorties logged, 1977-1979 )

Built as a B2 in 1953, it was used by the Central Signals Establishment for investigative work into high altitude fires, and also trials with the Institute of Aviation Medicine and the Royal Aircraft Establishment. In 1963 it became a test bed for English Electric to undertake a series of trials during the development of the ECM suite for the proposed T17 variant. It was later fully converted to a T17 and joined the Squadron in 1969. One of the earlier T17A conversions, it continued to serve until 1981. It then acquired airframe number 8693M for training with the Battle Damage Repair Flight at RAF Marham. Cut up in 1990, the cockpit and nose section was saved and has been at NAM since.

WJ565 C
[Cottesmore 1970]


(at  RAF Gutersloh 1981)
South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum AeroVenture
 nose only

Glen Johnson?
The second production B2 aircraft to be built, it went to A&AEE in 1953 to undertake bombing trials. A year later it was dispatched to the Boulton Paul works at Defford where it was used in trial installations of the BP gunpack.
Following conversion to T17 it served with 360 Sqn until put into storage at RAF St Athan in early 1981. In 1985, with ground instructional airframe number 8871M it was issued to No 2 School of Technical Training.
At El Adam!
When it was a B2 with Swifter
Smiths Aerospace, Wobaston Road, Wolverhampton
Alec Brew
Built in 1953, this was one of six B2s used by Swifter Flight, a special Ministry of Aircraft unit set up in 1960 at El Adem to investigate the effects of high-speed low-altitude flying on aircraft structures and aircrew. The Flight provided data for use in the TSR2 programme as well as giving general details about such flight profiles. In 1963, it was transferred to Boulton Paul's Seighford factory for ECM trials. These lasted until 1965 when it was sent to BAC for conversion to full T17 role and finally delivered to 360 Sqn at RAF Watton in 1967. It went into store at RAF St Athan in themid-70s

(at  RAF Gutersloh 1968)
  BB Aviation
Canterbury, Kent

(nose only)



Built as a B2 in 1953.


WJ633 F / EF
[Wyton 1977]

City of Norwich Aviation Museum
(nose only)

Left: Martin A, 15-9-12
(14 sorties logged, 1977-1979!)

Canberra WJ633 was originally built in 1954 as a B2; it was one of 24 B2s rebuilt as T17s in the mid 1960s. The number was sufficient to also supply a second, smaller, unit designated as 361 Squadron, planned to serve in the Far East. However, the project was cancelled by the 1967 Defence Review and the resulting spare aircraft were held in reserve. WJ633 is thought to be one these as it appears it did not join 360 Squadron as "F" then “EF” until the early 1970s. It was upgraded to T17A. The exhibit is privately owned and was loaned to CNAM in 2007.
[A Canberra B15 cockpit is just visible beyond in the picture]

1991 or later, WJ633 re-

liveried and displaying

the 25th anniversary of

360 Sqn's formation.

WK102 A / EQ

(at  RAF Gutersloh 1968)
Welshpool, Powys
(nose only)
Sue & Roy Jerman
Built as a B2 in 1953
WK111 B / EA

No info

Built as a B2 in 1954
  Finally: Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum

Q. How did this HQ board get to Flixton?
A. Apparently, Cliff Thomas (OC '83-'85) said they could have it when a new board was made.  However, he doesn't remember the occasion, or how it got from Wyton to Flixton!

More Questions Needing Answers

When were Station/Squadron single then dual aircraft ID letters introduced? [Surmise: Watton-not used; Cottesmore-single letter; Wyton-E+

When did upgrading to T17A start?

When did WJ633 join the Squadron?                                                                                                     email webmaster


The 24 B2 Aircraft converted to T17 (lost, see below)

WD955 WF890 WF916 WH646 WH664 WH665 WH740 WH863 WH872 WH874 WH902 WJ565

WJ576  WJ581 WJ607  WJ625  WJ630 WJ633  WJ977  WJ981  WJ986 WJ988  WK102 WK111


T17 & T17A Aircraft on Inventory post 1981
EA Canberra T17 WK111

EB Canberra T17A WJ607

EC Canberra T17 WJ625

ED Canberra T17 WJ630 (behind EN & EL see below)

EF Canberra T17A WJ633

EG Canberra T17A WH646

EH Canberra T17 WH664

EJ Canberra T17 WF890 (behind EN & ED, see below)

EK Canberra T17A WH902

EL Canberra T17 WF916 (behind EN & EP below)

EM Canberra T17A WD955

EN Canberra T17A WJ981


EP Canberra T17 WJ986 (behind EN above)

EQ Canberra T17 WK102.


Aircraft lost (click on link)

WJ988: http://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=21151

WH874 (with T4 WJ862): http://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=21047

WJ625:: http://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=58798

WH872: http://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=21045


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