Award of the Badge - 1973

28th September 1973: Flown in WJ730 as shown, RAF Museum "Squadron" Series numbered RAF19
Special BFPS 1421 postmark. Crew signed (Desig RAF19b),
A Special edition (RAF19c) is signed by Air Vice Marshal D.G.Evans Air Officer Commanding 1 Group.

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Commemorating first Operational Use of Window - 1978


The front and reverse sides of philatelic covers flown on 2 exercise sorties in Canberra T17 WJ977
on 25th July 1978 to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the first operational use of "window".
The first window cover and distraction sorties of WW2 were flown from RAF North Creak
(near Walsingham, Norfolk) in Stirling aircraft. Several other stations were later tasked, including RAF Watton.
The author has a signed note that Staff Sergeant Ken Lundberg flew window sorties from RAF Watton in late '44 to May '45.
Anyone any information about him?

Some 2,000 plain covers were flown over the North Sea on the 2 sorties on that day,
 with a landing for refuelling at RAF Lossiemouth.
Of these, a few hundred were signed on the front by author Mr Martin Middleton.

The cover shown is No 112 of 112  'specials'; the front carries the additional signature of Professor RV Jones
(see below for details of special signatories), and also the Squadron Commander at the time, Wg Cdr Ron F Saunders.
The reverse carries the signatures of the crew:
Pilot: Lt 'Nic' Taylor RN
Navigator: Flt Lt Greg Richardson RAF
Electronic Warfare Officer: Sqn Ldr Martin Anscombe RAF

The EWO is the editor of this website. Tragically, Lt Taylor was the first British fatality of the
Falklands War when his Harrier aircraft was shot down over Port Stanley. 

The cover has a registered code of LA3, and may be found on-line for sale;
 try Wingfields, the RAF Museum Covers' specialists (http://www.wing-fields.co.uk) .
The Middleton/crew signed cover is listed as LA3a; the editor surmises that if ever one came up for sale,
the R V Jones signed limited edition (as shown above) would be LA3b, and somewhat expensive!



Professor R. V. Jones
Professor R. V. Jones was educated at Alleyn's School, Dulwich and Wadham College, Oxford,
 where he graduated as a Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in Physics in 1934.
 From 1935 to 1939 he worked on problems of air defence and infrared detection with the
Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy.
 Between 1939 to 1946 he was Head of Scientific Intelligence on the Air Staff, and Scientific Adviser to MI6

His work has been described on radio and television (the BBC. series: 'The Secret War' and in many books,
 most notably Sir Winston Churchill's book 'The Second World War'.
 His own book, 'Most Secret War' published in 1977, was a best seller.

Professor Jones was awarded the CBE in 1942 and the CB in 1946.
 He also holds two American Medals: the Medal for Merit, awarded directly by the President,
 and the Medal of Freedom, for services to the US Navy and the US 8th Air Force

Acknowledgments to the Lincolnshire Lancaster Committee for the above extract from the insert card

Mr. Martin Middlebrook
Born in Boston, Lincolnshire in 1932, Martin Middlebrook was a poultry farmer who became
 a respected military aviation historian. When this 'window' commemorative cover was being  produced,
he was working on a book entitled "The Battle of Hamburg", which was subsequently published in 1980.
e book describes the series of raids carried out by the RAF and USAF on that city in July & August 1943.
 It was during the battle of Hamburg that 'Window' was used for first time in operations by the RAF.


A strip of window was included in the envelope, as shown across the envelope flap (pic above right.)


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The Disbandment Cover - 1994


This is a 'proper' First Day Cover for the CEP: Medical Discoveries stamp issue of 27th September 1974.

The cover was then 'Flown' over the Disbandment Parade on 28th October 1994