No 360 [RN/RAF] Squadron Association

Offers of Artefacts and Memorabilia for the RAF Wyton Heritage Centre

RAF Wyton Heritage Centre was originally formed to celebrate the WW2 Pathfinder Force and houses the Pathfinder Collection. Now that the stationís existence is assured into the foreseeable future, the Trustees of the Centre wish to expand the facility to encompass the histories and memorabilia of all the units that have served at the station. Apparently not very much about 360Sqn exists on the station and we are being asked to help. If anyone having served on, or been connected with, 360Sqn has any relevant artefacts or memorabilia they wish to offer, or have recorded by, the Centre, please copy and paste this form to a word documents; send it to us click here or direct to RAF Wyton Heritage Centre.

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Period(s) of Service with 360 RN/RAF Squadron   and/or associated with it, & in what capacity.




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Privacy: Personal information on this form will not be divulged to any third party, including the RAF Wyton Heritage Centre, unless prior consent has been given.